The Greenspeed GT5 that I have came standard with Gatorbrake 4 piston disc brakes.

The right brake has been squeaking a lot, so did a search and read about cleaning the rotors with denatured alcohol -- the next step would be to try to replace the pads.

This evening I cleaned the rotors (haven't had a chance to test the brakes to see if they still squeak). But I decided I wanted to see what my options were to replace pads if the rotor cleaning didn't work.

Note, the local bike shops are closed already, including the one where I purchased the GT5. But the closest thing I've been able to find online are Gatorbrake 8 piston disc brake pads.

So the LBS may be able to order replacement pads for me. No guarantees. But I've also read that Gatorbrake brakes don't compare favorably to some other setups -- Avid seems to be the popular choice.

The Gatorbrakes are hydraulics, which I really like. But I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get a set of Avids. I also don't know how complicated installation of a new set of hydraulic disc brakes are.

In short:
1. Would you consider replacing a brake system if the pads are difficult to find? Just wondering if the expense now is worth the lack of headaches when finding replacement pads. And of course the reviews of Avid brakes are much more positive than the single review of Gatorbrakes I've been able to find.

2. Would you choose Avid Juicy brakes, or something else?

3. Is the installation of a set of hydraulic brakes complicated? I'm not totally new to using a wrench on my trike, so hopefully it's as simple as bolting on new rotors/calipers.