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    Schwalbe Fat Franks on Breezer city Bike?

    I posted this in the General forum.

    So I have found the perfect bike that fits my needs and fits within my price range. The breezer freedom city bike. The only problem is that I like balloon tire bikes mostly for aesthetic reasons and the only other bike that I have fallen in love with was the Retrovelo bikes but they are way way out of my price range and I don't know if they can be shipped to Michigan. So I was thinking if I could just swap out the 1.5 inch tires for 2.35 inch tires I would be happy. However I am not sure if the bike will provide enough clearance for tires that fat. If not are there any other bikes out there that are less than $600 that have fenders and a rear rack and can fit schwalbe's fat frank tires?


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    dAAAAANG, that looks mighty sweet

    fenders arent really a problem and neither is the rack. the easiest thing would be to just get the bike and just get different fenders that allow that size tire.

    best bet is to email the company and ask if theres enough room for a tire that size...even from a picture its really nothing more than a guess

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