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    powertap pro sealed bearings

    I have the old powertap pro (yellow cap solid silver hub wired), loose bearings on the drive side, sealed bearings non-drive. The axel became rough so I took it to the shop and they replaced the loose bearings, the hub body, and drive side cone nut, which was worn. Still rough. so they think it's the sealed bearings on the non-drive side. The manual page 30 (see below) says only powertap can service the sealed bearings. I contacted Saris tech support and said they no longer service the old powertap pro. do I have any options other than upgrade?

    Bearing Adjustment
    Hubs should be checked occasionally for cone
    adjustment and bearing play. Should an inspection
    find excessive play in the bearings, tighten the
    cones and locknuts accordingly. If gritty or rough
    bearings are found, the hub should be disassembled,
    cleaned and overhauled. Repack or replace
    any bearings as necessary. If a problem exists in the
    sealed bearings please contact PowerTap.

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    if it was me i would just replace the bearing but would be carefull to use a bearing press or puller and pull the bearing out and press it in smoothly and would NOT use a hammer or anything to hit the bearing in. Worst case scenario is you have to upgrade anyways

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