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    Advice for upgrade plan of Jamis Coda Sport

    I have a 2006 Jamis Coda Sport that I'm considering upgrading components on. I'd like opinions on my upgrade plans. I'm debating converting many of the drivetrain components to Deore XT.

    Upgrades already complete:
    Brooks B-17 saddle
    Nashbar trekking bar with cushy bar tape and Ergon grips
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires
    Kool-stop salmon brake pads

    Original front derailleur: Shimano R443-A bottom pull

    This is the most problematic upgrade as I'm not sure how to replace this. I have a road triple (Truvativ Touro) with flat-bar Shimano ST-R440 (road?) shifters. Any suggestions on whether a Shimano Deore XT FD-M770 front derailleur would work or should this be a 105 replacement and if so which model?

    Original brake levers: Tektro alloy V-brake levers

    The Tektro levers wiggle around a little and don't quite feel comfortable in my hands. I'm planning on replacing them with Shimano BL-M770 Deore XT brake levers (~$90)

    Original brake calipers: Tektro SCD3

    These "self-centering" calipers aren't quite self-centering and generally a pain in the rear. The clearance is incredibly tight and I have to completely deflate my tires to allow them to pass between the calipers in the open position. I'm planning replacing these with Shimano BR-M770 Deore XT V-Brake calipers front & rear (~$50 each). Brake pads will stay with Kool-stop salmon.

    Original crankset: TruVativ Touro Road Triple 52/42/30
    Original bottom bracket: TruVativ PowerSpline 68x113mm, sealed cartridge

    According to this prior posting by Sheldon Brown the Touro is a 74mm BCD and per the Jamis website this model has 170mm crankarms.

    I'm going to leave the crankset and bottom bracket alone as I don't see a significant benefit to replacing the entire thing unless someone can tell me what benefits there would be. I am planning on replacing the 30t granny ring with a 26t ring for better hill climbing with a fully loaded rig (~$20).

    Original rear derailleur: Shimano Deore

    I have no issues with how the rear shifts so I'm going to leave well enough alone. Upgrading to a Shimano Deore XT M770 or M772 would cost ~$120 and I'm not sure the math works just yet although it would complete the groupo if I decide to replace everything else.

    Original shifters: Shimano ST-R440 for flat bar, 27 speed

    Again, I'm not sure these warrant replacement although a set of Shimano SL-M770 Deore XT Rapidfire Shifters for $120 would fit I think.

    Original wheelset: Alex ACE18 alloy double-wall eyeletted rims, 32 spoke, Shimano Road 2200 hubs, 14gauge stainless steel spokes

    So far I've had no wheel issues (knock on wood) so I wasn't planning on doing anything with these presently. Including a reasonable heavy load on both rear panniers I don't think I would top the scale at 200 pounds for myself and all gear.

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    Rebuild the headset. Jamis Coda's are famous for their headsets rotting away.

    It's a Chinese bike so you'll probably want to upgrade EVERYTHING.. including the frame in due time.

    A guy who hangs around the LBS downtown has a ******** brother who's got the same bike that he uses to do circles in his parents driveway. The Coda Sport has held up well but he too.. after only 500 or so circles screamed, "Gimmmeh Upgrawwwdessstthhhh". Of course, like all ******** he got the Brooks 17, Nashbar Twekking Bar, Thalmon Bwake Padth and some other obsessive compulsive nonsense he impulse shopped.

    Makes him feel like a REAL cyclist although if he actually got out on the road anyone who knows better would be riding by in their cars laughing their a**es off.

    No matter how hard someone tries, you just can't polish a turd. Investing into a Chinese bike is like going to the hardware store and purchasing upgrades for a stick fort in the woods built by 9 year olds.

    OF course, if a person is a drop-out, hobo, alchoholic, bum, dumpster diver, drug addict, etc. then you always EXPECT to see a ton of upgrades on the Chinese bike they "Stumbled upon" or "Settled For".

    My work here is finished.

    The Bearded Fred: Only known cyclist left in the world to be 100% natural and completely free from performance enhancing drugs. Also known for self reliance, amazing talent for satisfying the women and great guitar riffs. Honestly, a full racing kit is absolutely the most ridiculous looking stuff you can wear short of a clown suit."

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    I disagree. Not all Chinese bikes need to be upgraded or not all Chinese frames are bad. In regards to the guy who has a mentally challenged brother it seems that he sure knows his stuff enough to get a Brooks (those things are comfortable!). I give the guy credit! Not everyone can discover the true comfort of a saddle like that. Trekking bars give you all sorts of options to place your hands so you don't have to be in one position all the time.

    If this guy's brother is cycling, to me he is a cyclist - a real cyclist, one who rides. He doesn't have to be a person who is able to climb mountainous roads every other day or do races every weekend, although I'm sure you might be as hardcore as those mentioned.

    As for polishing turds - that to me means there is always room for improvement. And I'm sure that everyday you learn something new, don't you? If not then you are one perfect person and I give kudos to you.

    By the way, what bike do you ride? Surely it isn't Chinese!
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