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    handlebar upgrade question

    I have a 96 steel Bianchi with a 1" quill stem and 25.4 handlebar clamp diameter. Due to the difficulty of finding a replacement stem I am thinking about upgrading the setup by getting a 1 1/8 stem adapter so I can get a modern stem and new handlebars. The bars I am looking at are the Ritchy Comp Streem's with a teardrop shaped top and a 31.8 clamp diameter. My two questions are 1) Will my 1996 Campy Mirage 8 speed brifters fit on the new handlebars ? and 2) does any one have any comments on the Comp Streem's ?, (which I believe will spread out the load and be easier on the hands) Thanks in advance.

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    Plenty of bars to be had with the 25.4 diameter. New bars are only different in the clamp diameter. The main tubing is the same diameter as the old, so your brifters will fit fine.

    Never heard of the Ritchey bars, but after a bit of googling, I have to admit that I'm skeptical that they will make much of a difference. If you ride the tops that much, you might want to think about getting a different profile bar. Also getting your bars higher up will relieve some of that strain.

    If I were you, I'd look into getting a Nitto Technomic or Technomic deluxe stem to mount your old bars on in order to get your hands up.

    Failing that, if you like to ride upright, you should get yourself a set of swept-back bars, or a moustache bar; some other profile that puts your torso higher.

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