I just purchased a K2 T9 Vista for my wife as her first bike. She is just learning to ride and the price was too good to pass up for the features. It has a Suntour NRX 6000 front fork. Since the bike is only going to be ridden on the road, the front shock is somewhat unnecessary. Is there an easy way to "disable" it. I've looked at the exploded view and it seems that I could just take the top cap off, remove the spring guide, and replace the damper with a longer rod. Then again, I've never worked on anything like this.

Am I oversimplifying the matter?

I assume that if the shock has 75mm of travel, the damper is 75mm shorter than the spring allowing for that much travel???

It's not vitally important for me to do this and I don't want to invest a lot of time or money into this or change to a rigid fork. If it was, we would have bought a different bike to begin with.

Thanks for your help.