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Thread: Hybrid help

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    Hybrid help

    So I was riding my Giant Sedona Hybrid the other day, when I broke my rear axle. In doing so I have lost my free body hub. My local bike shop said I need to buts a whole new wheel set. Is his true? what should I do?

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    If it's a "plain vanilla" Sedona, it's a Free Wheel, not a Free Hub.
    It's extremely possible that if you broke an axle you destroyed the hub.
    You could buy a new hub, but the labor of respoking it to your old rim (Your old spokes are probably??? enough different in length that they wouldn't quite work) is really cost prohibitive vs the cost of a new commercially built wheel set. It's the labor that kills ya!
    This would be a good time to upgrade to a Free Hub, which is MUCH stronger. You'd have to add the cost of a new cassette (cogs), but OTOH, I'm not even sure how avaliable a replacement hub of your old style is??

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