Hi all,

I'm building up a Stowe time trial bike and I've decided I want to use a pista crank on it with a 9 speed rear derailer so I have a couple of questions. Since I don't want to put a front derailer on it I'm going to use a pista crankset. If I go with a campy pista crank should I use the 111mm bottom bracket as recommended? Then comes the hard question. Do I (a) not put on a rear brake and just use a campy 9 speed indexed bar end shifter or (b) use a downtube shifter set on friction and have a rear brake (prefered). If I use a downtube shifter can I use a shimano 9 speed shifter set on friction or can I use an older Campy downtube shifter set on friction to shift the rear derailer. I'm sorry if this has been posted before and thanks for your help.