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    which hubs/cranks?..just thinking out loud/kinda long

    Sometimes it helps to write down/discuss a hard choice.
    So if your reading this,please forgive/bear with me

    Building a non disc (32 or 36 hole haven't decided yet) wheel set,
    for a HUGE tire 650B Surly Cross Check project.

    Have decided to use <hopefully> stronger,more water/mud resistant,
    135mm mountain hubs.
    Shimano's to be exact,to keep the cost down.

    For a non racing,but brutal Ohio conditions-
    water/mud/roots/snow/horrible roads,etc....etc....
    would regular Deore's work O.K.?
    or should I spend the money and get LX's or XT's?

    New XTR's are out of my price range,but what about an
    older XT/XTR hyperglide set (if I can find 'em) on E-bay?
    Be <again,hopefully> just as good as a new Deore/LX hub set?

    Finding a good crank set at a reasonable (to me) price,
    is another hard choice.

    Thinking Sugino XD600 46/36/26 @165mm or 170mm
    or the Shimano Deore LX 48/36/26 @ 170mm

    This is my 1st build from the ground up and I'm lovin' it
    Searching for the right parts at the right price might be almost
    as much fun as riding it.

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    There some prebuilt 650B wheelsets out there with Deore hubs already. It would cut the cost significantly for you. Sugino XD cranks are excellent. Shimano also makes an LX level trekking crank with the same gearing. Sounds like an excellent project.

    1999 Waterford RSE-11, 1995 Waterford 1200, 1989 Specialized Rockhopper Comp
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