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    What bike to cannibalize for World Tourist?

    Some of us have discussed the front freewheel spline problem on this forum, and I planned to deal with that over the winter with a replacement BB.

    Meanwhile, though, I broke several spokes (not sure how -- everything was fine one day, and the next my wheel's way out of true & bike is really shaky... ) and the local bike shop tells me that it's really about time for a new wheel, and probably a new bike.

    I can accept that it's time for a new wheel; that's the question here. I know the older bikes can really take a beating, because I've dished it out. I have a Collegiate that was put through more abuse than any ten bikes should be able to withstand.

    So the question is: Can I hunt down a complete earlier 27" x 1 1/4" Schwinn wheel + freewheel to replace my deceased rear wheel?

    I realize that the Shimano 'indexed' (PPS?) system might not agree with the new cog alignment. I might wind up buying a replacement derailer, but will the wheel fit the frame?

    (I'm sure I could adjust the PPS to fit at least one useful gear, like second... from there, an actual regular adjustable spring-return derailer would probably be needed ).

    I'm looking at something like this:

    Would this be a viable option? Or, which model of Schwinn bike could I purchase off of Craiglist (or the like) and cannibalize?

    I really like this WT, and it's worth a reasonable outlay to keep it alive -- within reason.

    Thanks for the earlier suggestions, and any opinions on this would be welcome.


    (Spelling of 'derailer' was based on a Google search of Sheldon Brown's opinion. My browser seems to disagree.)

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    Yes you can.

    Where? Try a bike coop.
    Stupidity got us into this mess - why can't it get us out?

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