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Thread: SSB Design 2007

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    SSB Design 2007

    To anyone with a clue,
    I feel really stupid to have to ask this on a forum, but I recently bought a used trek road bike, and it has this cool Odometer?speedometer/clock/blah blah blah..... It has SSB Design 2007 written on it. But I just bought a battery fot it, and it shows numbers, but does not seem to work. So, I looked for manuals online, and nothing came up that was even remotely related. Maybe this thing is old, but I would like to at least to know how to turn it on and off. I don't think it is stock, but the bike is a Trek 1400.

    If anyone knows anything about a good place to search or find something, I would appreciate the info before I run out the battery

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    Sheldon Brown's web site has set-up procedures and calibration numbers for a wide variety of cyclometers. Here is the URL:

    There is no listing for "SSB" but I assume it's made by one of the major suppliers like Sigma or Cat-Eye.

    Otherwise just buy a current Cat-eye model and replace your no-name. Cyclometers are very inexpensive if you don't get one with exotic functions like heart rate, GPS or altitude.

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