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    Advice on tools to build a bike (with list of parts)

    Hi all -
    I have a very specific request that I was hoping a kind mechanic out there might like to take on:

    I'm considering an attempt at a build from scratch, by myself, with only a dim and distant experience of bike maintenance from a few mountain bike seasons years ago.
    I want it to be simple; I'm building a fixed gear based on a track frame. It'll be my daily commuter and for now my only road bike.
    My question is: If I list the parts, can anyone advise me as to what tools I will need to buy - and maybe point me in the direction of a good book on building/maintenance as well?
    I realize this might become expensive - but I think it's worth it to invest in some quality tools and learn a new skill - and at the same time gain a solid understanding of each part of my bike.

    Here are the parts:

    Taiwanese track frame - (no brand, but same as Kilo TT) - 68mm English bb, 1" threaded headset, 120mm rear spacing

    I have pro assembled wheels I'm taking off another bike (700c, fixed hub), but I want to take the 19t cog off and replace it with a 17t. I'll also be replacing the tires.

    I have a new IRO crankset (130bcd, 46t, 165mm) which says it requires a 110mm bb for a 42mm chainline.

    I haven't bought the bb yet, but will probably get something inexpensive (maybe IRO again for $29). Any suggestions would be welcome.

    I haven't bought a headset either, but something generic again - likely the Ritchey Logic 1" threaded. to match the frame

    The pedals I will need to take off another bike. They're nothing special, and the toe clips are already installed on them.

    The chain will be coming off another bike as well and will need to be shortened for the new gear ratio (it's a KMC 1/8" track chain).

    Everything else I believe I can handle with hex wrenches (Salsa SUL 1" threaded stem, nitto rb-021 bullhorns, generic front brake to a TT lever - haven't bought those... any suggestions?, Salsa shaft seatpost - got an old 26.8 one, old beater saddle for now).

    I think that's everything.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!


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    wow my head is spinning..... I really encourage you ---- especially when you get discouraged---- there are many
    variances here--- get your tools in order first--- good luck.... god bless

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