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    FSA Carbon K Wing Bar Newbie Needing Input

    I just upgraded my bars to the K Wings, used the K Force Stem (110). I am coming from the stock bars on my 06 Allez Elite. I've really got a couple of concerns/issues and thought I'd ask here for any current users of the K Wing.
    First off, my first instincts are that I made a big mistake on this upgrade. I was really comfortable with my old set up, and thought this would be a big improvement. I am hoping it's really just a matter of adjustments to the bars. I have tweeked the bars a little each time I rode by turning them up a little bit. Am I wrong by thinking that the flat section on top should be level with the ground?? Right now they are slanted up, maybe 15 degrees or so...It seems as though the brifters are mounted on the right spot on the bars, by the flat section. Any help here would be appreciated. It still feels as though I am leaning too far forward while riding the hoods.
    My second issue is mounting the Flight Deck head Unit AND a headlight. I have the accessory brackets for each but A) It just doesn't look straight. The computer is at an angle a little. I used the Shimano mount for it. B) I used the FSA accessory mount for the headlight, BUT, it seems really flimsy..the light really bounces around. I'm just really unhappy with the way the computer and light combo looks on the bike, it looks really shotty and takes away from the otherwise clean look. . Again, if anyone has any great ideas to clean up the mounting issues, I'm all ears.

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    The bars are designed to be 'ergo'. So the flats on the top of the bars do point slightly upwards with the bars set correctly. This is because riding naturally on the tops, your wrists have a slight angle, so the tops are generally parallel to that making for a comfortable ride.

    I've got my bars set so that the bottom of the drops are about parallel with the ground and the tops are still upward pointing. In regards to the reach, all bars are different in terms of width, reach and drop. It might be these bars aren't for you. I find the reach and drop on them to be bigger/longer than say my Deda Newtons. I find the K-Wing much more comfortable on a long ride or road racing, I find the Newtons more comfortable crit racing when I spend longer periods of time in the drops.

    Cant really help on mounting accessories. Most people I see using this style of bar mount their computer on the stem. I wear a Polar 725 on my wrist.

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