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    Hub rebuild question

    My 1991 Diamondback's front wheel has a Shimano Exage hub that is possibly in need of a rebuild. I imagine this is a fairly inexpensive hub. Any way, it makes noise when riding and you can feel the friction when you spin the wheel on the bike. If it does need a rebuild and I can get the bearings and cones from a bike shop is this worth the rebuild?

    Thanx for your reply

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    Disassemble and inspect the cones and cups. If the cones are pitted but the cups are smooth, then the hub is rebuildable with a replacement set of cones. But if the cups are shot, it's time for a new hub. Shimano doesn't market replacement cups for their low-end model hubs, if any.
    Bearings are 3/16" Grade 25. Bag of 100 should be $4. Cones, under $10 for a pair.
    A new hub can be found for as low as $10 (deore LX). But you'll need to relace the wheel and true it. Unless you know how and have a truing stand, expect to pay $.
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