I've been searching Ebay and the entire internet diligently trying to find a couple of parts for my recently acquired, but beloved none the less, 1967 Raleigh Superbe. I'm almost done restoring it. It's got the working Dynohub - It's got nice working lights, it's got a perfect saddle bag, the 7-in-one tool, Brooks B72 leather saddle in great condition, I've even got both keys for the locking fork!!

What it doesn't have is a chainguard in good condition. Ebay has a bunch right now with a matching font, but the green is wrong. It's hard to find that green to match. It has the 60's 'collegiate' font that simply reads R A L E I G H. The green is a solid, deeper forest green, unlike the brighter gold speckled green that came later, into the 70's. A clamp screwed to the down tube attaches to two 'slits' on the back of the chainguard.
I know this is pushing it, but I'm also looking for a rear fender in good condtion, as well as Raleigh pedal dust caps that screw on to the pedals(as opposed to screwing into) - all for the same bike.
Thought maybe someone out there(mechanics, bike shop owners, Raleigh collectors) might have an old '60s Superbe or Sports model that fits the bill designated for parts sitting around. If so, please PM me - you'll make my day a brighter one! Thanks. Alex/Supergymnast