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    Bottom Bracket & Cup Set

    I'm replacing my bottom bracket with a Phil Wood stainless steal bracket and it seems necessary if not a good idea to replace the Cup Set as well. I've looked on Sheldon Brown & Wikipedia without feeling certainty in regard to various sizes and the inner workings of the bottom bracket. I own an English made bike which seems to make a difference. I'd like to replace everything but the chainring, pedals and crank arms, any advice and additional knowledge would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Have you looked at ? Phil Wood BB have proprietary 'cups' and unless
    your current BB is Phil Wood, you will need the appropriately threaded cups and a wrench
    to tighten them with. Length of spindle is another matter. My experience in the past was
    that you could get by with a BB spindle 4-6mm shorter in PW than the OEM length. That
    may have changed, as I haven't bought a Phil in 20yrs. IOW I found that on a Peugeot
    PX10, a 'double CW length spindle' worked fine on a Stronglight triple. I returned the
    'triple length' BB as it was at least 6mm too long. That was a long time ago.

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