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    Spinergy x-rev rear wheel convert to front? possible?

    ok, i know this question is really out of the field, but i was hoping someone can help. yes i am aware this wheel has a shady history.

    ok, i want to convert this 130mm spaced, rear freehub wheel to a 100mm spaced front wheel.

    i read a post on BF where someone grinding down the opposite driveside quick release axle to fit a 120mm fork end, so another 5mm on that side shouldn't be huge. however i am at a loss for the driveside.

    would it work if i just remove the freehub? the axle is not continuous.

    here is some information i found:

    here the guy included some pics and showed how he got a surly fixxer on the drive side to make it a fixed gear.

    now i just want it to be properly spaced, spin free in either direction, and be bolted securely, QR or allen key

    yes, i know i can just use a front wheel, but I am having trouble sourcing one, and i can find a rear thats rather cheap.

    pics of driveside

    pics of non drive
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