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    Swapping out a Shimano EF shifter

    Hi Guys

    I destroyed the Shimano Acera V-brake EZ 29-8 shifter for the front derailleur when my Devinci hybrid went off a mountain curve in Cuba - and didn't quite cut it as a MTB - at least at my rate of descent and impact angle. So now I can only shift among the three front rings by moving the chain by hand. I can't find a Shimano EZ "29"-8 on the net and my LBS wants $50 CAD to special order a new pair (like there aren't thousands of these V-brake/shifters kicking around?) But I found a listing for a pair of new Shimano EZ "35"-8 shifters on eBay for $29 CAD + shipping. The two shifters look the same. Am I safe in assuming they are, the 35s simply replacing the 29s, even using the same cables?

    Since I just can't replace the one broken shifter, but have to buy a pair, is it worthwhile upgrading to a better quality set? The Devinci has a standard issue Shimano Acera drivetrain - 8 gear cassette with 3 rings.


    Ontario, Canada

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    You can get single shifters(In the US anyway).
    If you order a set of brake/shifters, they should come with brake and shift cables and housings. So make sure those Ebay shifters have that stuff. Make sure the shipping is not $20 as well.

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