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    Need help getting a Giant Boulder SE back up & running

    Was given a Giant Boulder SE and I need help getting this thing
    back together.. Mechanics is not the issue but what would be the
    cheapest source of items to get this going. After review of the bike
    this is what I need from what I can see.

    1) Chain

    2) Shimano Front Derailer "Had a shimano 101"

    3) Rear Derailer "Had a Atlus Shimano 7 Speed"

    4) The rear hub is loose in the back but I believe that might
    just be an adjustment, the 7 speed cluster looks okay at this

    5) I think the crank might be slightly bent as well but hard to tell. The
    only think I can find is a 170 stamped on it and its a 3 sprocket.

    Thanks for any help. I'm not sure of the year but I would estimate 04-05
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    You can figure out the year by matching up the colors with the correct entry:
    That will give you the full specs on the bike. You didn't mention whether you have any bike specific tools, which you'll need for installation/adjustment. is a good place to search for good online prices for new bike items. Although not always the very cheapest, I've had good luck with They have an automatic price-match-check system, good customer service, and are 2 days UPS Ground delivery for you (and no sales tax). For many items, your local bike shop (LBS) will be "same day" and competitive on price due to no shipping cost.

    1) Chain: get a new SRAM PC 830 chain (about $12); this includes a "powerlink" which will enable you to open and close the chain without weakening it by removing and replacing a pin. You'll need a chain tool initially to shorten it to the right length for your crankset and cassette.

    2) Front derailleur: they are cheap, so I'd get a new one; no need to worry about brand compatibility. You'll need a "top pull" or "dual pull". There are 3 standard tube clamp sizes: 1 1/8", 1 1/4", 1 3/8", or 28.6, 31.8, and 34.9 mm. Many derailleurs come with shims or otherwise work on more than one tube size. Measure your tube, but you should be able to find something good and cheap, like this one at $9: Standard Allen keys and screwdrivers are all that's needed for this.

    3) Rear derailleur: I'd spend the extra $5 to get a decent-quality rear derailleur ($22): Standard Allen keys and screwdrivers are all that's needed for this.

    5) The "170" means 170mm crank arm length. Chances are that you have a "square taper" bottom bracket (BB); a cheap replacement crankset would be something like this ($20): Special tools for this would be a crank arm extractor and pedal wrench.

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