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Thread: Can I do This?

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    Can I do This?

    Can I use a Shimano 10-Speed connecting pin to add a half-link back to my new Dura-Ace chain, which I had mistakenly shortened by a half-link?

    I had my chain lodge into the space between my cassette and spokes on my ride today. I suspect it was because my chain is a half-link short. I was lucky in that no spokes were broken, and I was able to ride home without using the 27teeth ring on my cassette.

    I'll like to add a half-link back to the chain using the Shimano 10-Speed chain connecting pins. I use KMC re-usable links on Dura-Ace chains.

    Thanks for all responses.



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    Couple or three thoughts:

    You can add or remove a minimum of one complete link, it's not possible to add or remove a half link.

    If your chain got thrown into the spokes, it's probably a limit screw problem.

    You don't have to "suspect" anything regarding chain length, simply check for the right length by running the chain around the largest cog/largest chainring, without running it through the rear derailleur, find the nearest point the chain could actually be connected, and add one inch (one full link)-
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