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    Having some trouble adjusting Dual Pivot Brakes

    I have a pair of Tektro dual pivots on my modern road bike, and I am having trouble getting them lined up. The braking is very spongy, and I cannot get the side which isn't directly connected to the cable centered on the rim. The trim screw will move it a bit, but not enough to keep the brakes from having to bend the rim laterally to get full pressure on the rim. Is there a way to tighten this side manually with the cable directly?
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    1. Disconnect the brake cable (important).
    2. Make sure that your wheel is bottomed in the dropouts.
    3. Back out the "centering screw" until it's about in the middle of it's range.
    4. Take a 5mm hex wrench, loosen the whole brake caliper and center it over the rim.
    5. Reconnect the brake cable and test pull the brake lever.
    6. Make whatever fine adjustment is necessary with the spring tension screw. (Shouldn't take very much.)

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