My brother-in-law is building up a bike from scratch and I'm donating some parts.
He has the frame and 10-speed Shimano STI levers (105).

I have a nearly-new Campy Racing T front derailer, originally designed for use with 9-speed Campy systems.
Will this shift okay with Shimano STI? I don't know if the throw (or cable-pull ratio) of Campy road-triple FD is the same as for Shimano.
I also don't know if 10-speed vs. 9-speed plays in here. The chain will be 10-speed, and the front shifter is "10-speed" in that it comes with a 10-speed system, although I don't know if Shimano changed the front shifter throw from 9-speed to 10-speed STI.

I'm giving him a Campy crank and bottom bracket. The crank is a Campy Mirage triple (originally came with a 9-speed system) but my brother shredded the original chainrings. So I replaced them with Campy Record chainrings that I got off of eBay. Not sure if the chainrings are originally from 9- or 10-speed gruppo, and I'm also not sure if it matters.
Here are picture #1 picture #2 picture #3.

Thanks for any help here. I don't know Shimano-Campy compatibility, nor am I sure about compatibility between aspects of 9- and 10-speed systems, in either Campy or Shimano.