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    Mavic M10 Cassette w/ Ultegra 10 Speed Drive Train?


    I picked up Mavic M10 (Kit #3) 10-speed cassette at a swap meet this weekend. It was pretty, new in the box, and the shop guys said it was Shimano compatible. So I thought it would work well on my Mavic Cosmos wheel and an Ultegra 10-speed build that I've been putting together.

    After looking more closely at the installation instructions and looking about the web, it looks like I have a cassette that's designed for a flexible Campy application--that is, I can build a Campy 9-speed or a Campy 10-speed cassette with the supplied spacers and put it on the Mavic M10 hub.

    So it looks like this pretty cassette is incompatible with my Ultegra 10 speed drive train? Do I got it right?

    Thanks for your wisdom.
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    According to this its Campagnolo 9 and 10 only.

    Looking at the mavic webisite it appears that you can only run them with Shimano 9 speed, not 10.

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