Hey all,

Not too long ago, I fitted my 1990 Schwinn World with a set of gently used Dia-Compe centerpull brakes, front and rear. The original Chang Star single pivot sidepulls were pretty well past their prime, and I thought the centerpulls would be a nice upgrade.

They might be, but I'm starting to have some trouble relating to the fact that there's not really room on the fork tube for the front brake cable hanger. I've not had any incidents with anything coming apart, but the nut that holds everything together doesn't seem as secure as it needs to be.

Part of the problem with the Chang Stars was that their single pivot made them hard to adjust. I've been told that dual pivots have far fewer problems in that regard. Now, where can I get a good pair of them without breaking the bank?

Also, how do I measure the caliper reach that I would need for my bike?

Thank you,