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    pedals wont turn backwheel

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with a bike my brother gave me recently. It was sitting around for a while and has developed some rust, but it rode ok the first few times i took it out. I was gonna get around to greasing it and and removing the rust.

    anyways yesterday when I tried riding it, I pedaled and it would not turn the wheel. I checked to see if the chain had come off, but it didn't. The "cog" on the rear wheel (It think its called that. It is the thing the chain wraps around) turns but the wheel remains in place. I took the wheel off and removed the bearing balls i think they are called. (those little balls in the wheel that i think reduce the friction.)

    I was thinking that replacing the freewheel will do the trick, but I am not sure I want to do it until I know that is the problem? I also need to find a bike shop to find the tool to remove it and a replacement freewheel as well. Do you guys think that is the problem. My father was helping me because he says he used to fix his own bike growing up, but I just want to make sure I am not replacing the freewheel for nothing.

    thanks for reading

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    Sounds like the pawls may be all gummed up in the freewheel....Try flushing it out with a lot of WD40 while spinning it. You can get a good idea of how to lube your freewheel after flushing it out at Sheldon's site HERE. Use the same technique he says to use for lubing the freewheel to flush it out first.
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