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    Shimano cassette not centered - Help?

    Recent install of Ultegra 12-25 10-speed cassette on Easton EA50 wheel with "universal" freehub (8,9,10 speed). I used the Shimano inner freehub spacer which is advised on this type of freehub.

    Problem - Cassette is not centered on the hub, meaning that when it turns around I can see the sprocket teeth it go "up and down" and the derailleur spring bouncing in and out to compensate, by about 1-2mm. There is lateral play in the sprockets (at least the higher ones, which are not splinted together.) when they are placed on the freehub, before the lockring is tightened.

    Does this matter and if so is there a way to effectively "center" the sprockets on the freehub? Or should I not worry about it?

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    It is possible that the cassette or freehub body is bad, but not likely as to the out of round. If your prior cassette was only a 23T, then it sounds like you need to adjust the B screw on the derailleur which limits the forward swing into the cassette. THIS IS NOT one of the two screws that adjusts the shifting. This will eliminate the bouncing.

    As to the loose 12T, 13T, etc....this is a definite sign that you are missing a spacer, or perhaps have some wrong parts. The shim that installs before the cassette is only about 1 mm, very thin. The spacers between the cogs are thicker and should be marked 10s.

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