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    Shimano cassette, crankset, chain mixing and matching


    I am looking at getting a Mavic CXP 22 wheelset with shimano ultegra 6600 hubs. I can also puchase the same wheelset with either 105 or 2200 shimano hubs. My confusion is that I am assuming ultegra and the other flavors of Shimano products would be interchangeable?

    Here are my quick questions, and thank you in advance.
    1) Could I use a non-ultegra cassette, say a slightly less expensive Shimano cassette (not ultegra) or is the 70 dollars for the ultegra justifed? Could I use an SRAM cassette, or another brand?

    2) Could I mix a triple crankset of either a different brand or less expensive shimano version? Assuming that I would be getting a 10 speed cassette and a 10 speed crankset?

    3) And what should I do about chain in that sense? Could I use any brand chain or stick with Shimano again?

    I'm not entirely concerned about weight, since I'm not racing, I'm the one that needs to lose a few pounds!

    Thanks for the help

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    Any SRAM/Shimano compatible 10 speed cassette would work.
    The only caveat is the largest cog size if you have a "road" RDER. They won't handle the 30+ tooth cogs.
    Basically the difference is a few grams of weight and the finish. The lower end ones might be a lower grade of steel, while the highest end ones may have a few titanium cigs.

    2 yes
    3 any 10 speed chain will "worK".

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