I hate to cross post but I am so frustrated over trying to find a headset for this thing. It's a 2005 Scott Speedster S1

FROM PHONE CALL WITH SCOTT: it is a 44mm ID head tube. The guy I spoke to said I could find a head set that would fit the current cup (basically impossible - was stock with FSA red 36x36 bearings apparently) or I could get my LBS to put in new ones and use different size cups... That's about as much help that I can seem to get out of them.

The cups currently in there would need a 36x36x41.5 according to Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn when they used the FSA headset measuring tool, and with some help from a Scott forum.

It's a semi-integrated head tube

i measured the top of the headtube to be just shy of 50mm (like 49.5).. However, I was only using a ruler and by all means my measurements probably aren't dead on.

I've been googling and researching away (park tool's site in particular) and I've found that the Zero Stack headsets are 44mm ID and 50mm OD.. and they seem to use the pressed in cups like I seem to have on my frame. I've also found a couple of Ritchey headsets that seem like they might work given the semi integrated 44mm ID headtube... Here's a couple of headsets that I've found...

Cane Creek Zero Stack

FSA Orbit ZR Zero Stack This one even says 44mm ID, 49.5mm OD!!!

FSA Zero Stack

THEN I also found these which don't say that they are zero stack but they still have press fit cups... just not sure on the outer diameters because they don't list them and the head tube is pretty wide.

Ritchey WCS

Ritchey Carbon

So are any of these compatible?? Can, in fact, these current cups be removed for the installation of new ones? Any help at all would be amazing.


At this point, I just need to get this thing off the ground because I'm trying to do some races this season.