So, I'm rebuilding my 2008 55 TST2 this morning, well really just doing an oil change.

Glad I did, because what came out was diiiiiiirty. I should probably do this a bit more often. But, after I drained all the oil I started to run into problems.

First off, the oil levels in each leg were not what I expected (no surprise coming from Marzo). The left leg has about 75-100cc in it, the right leg 100cc or so.

Online, the Marzocchi website calls for 50cc in the right leg and 200cc in the left leg. ( 50/200 from the table ). Left leg being the disc side, right being the drive side.

(1) Why would I pull more oil out of the right leg than they suggest having in there?
(2) When I put the 50cc in the right leg and 200cc in the left leg, the fork is essentially locked out. wtf? The only thing I can imagine is that the Marzocchi website is wrong, but that seems a bit far fetched to me. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!