Anything tricky about removing & reinstalling a Race Face Cadence Bottom Bracket. Have Bottom bracket tool & 8 mm hex allen wrench. Removed chain since it was about 1/16" stretch over 12 links(one foot). Chain had just under .5 however had about 4000 miles on it & seemed to be binding on some pins. Cassette & chainrings look good.

Read the instructions. My chain question: Can I just count the links or just match new chain with the old chain for length. Going with SRAM powerlink chain vs. Ultegra chain. Have not removed crank yet? How well should crank spin without a chain. Spins freely but not as smooth/continuos as rear wheel. Never done bottom bracket but have done front wheel bearings on rear wheel drive car. Bike has abot 4000 miles with no rain except last ride. Thought it would be worthwhile to examine bottom bracket bearing & possibly get a new one. Looks like plastic dust cap hastwo o-rings seals & may have cup spacers. Can I resuse these parts, fairly sure about spacers but o-ring seals not so sure. Would LBS have these o-ring seals or do you just purchase them from an autopart store.

Riding my back up bike due to inclement weather so I have some time to take my time. Thanks for the help.