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    a few questions about my first build from a new frame

    What do I need to know about tapping/facing a bottom bracket? Facing a head tube? How much does this generally cost, and are these all necessary?

    What gets oiled and what gets greased during installation, and are there more than one type of each?

    Also, can anyone suggest a good 1/8" chainwhip?


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    If it's a new frame, then yes you should. But the tools for this are quite expensive. This is a situation where you take the frame to Mr. Bike-Shop and ask them to do it. And that just the facing and, possibly, tapping.

    For the rest - you are asking a lot from a forum. I suggest you start reading and collecting high-quality tools as they are called for. Take your time and do it right. I'll let others help with your viewing and reading list.
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