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    Who was looking for a book on vintage bike maintanance/repair?

    I remember seeing somebody post a request for a recommendation on vintage bicycle maintanance and repair.

    One of the best bikes in it's vintage day was Anybody's Bike Book . This book was THE bicyle book during the 1970's.

    Anyway, I noticed that somebody is selling one on e-bay. Right now, it is at $15.00 with $5.00 shipping. Maybe pricey for an old book, but it is probably out of print so, you take what you can get. Who knows, maybe your library can find one for you.

    Go to;

    Here is the description from the auction:

    Written by Tom Cuthberton, illustrated by Rick Morrall
    177 pages. 1971. softback. Pretty clean copy. Wacky illustrations with excellent instructions on how to work on your bicycle. Plain and down to earth, you know you learned how to work on your bicycle with this book.

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    That would be me.....
    I'll check it out

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