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    Bianchi Trofeo BB question

    My bike is currently in a shop, where I'm working with some great folks to get it overhauled. That means that I can't directly check it out till next Tuesday, unfortunately, and I'm trying to get some questions answered sooner so I can move forward with ordering parts.

    I need a new crankset, due to wear and tear on the default Ofmega cranks (the bike having been ridden while the chainrings were loose), and I keep reading that the "older" Ofmega spindle is totally non-standard - longer and narrower than ISO. Even Sheldon Brown wrote that it can't be used with anything else. The problem is that I can't find any details on what "older" actually means in this case; the default BB on my Trofeo is an Ofmega Axis, so I'm trying to figure out if that rule covers my late-'90s bike as well as more ancient Ofmega stuff. Anyone know? I realize I can probably verify this when I access my bike again on Tuesday, but I'd love to get new parts today.

    If that Ofmega Axis is still non-standard and would require compatible Ofmega cranks (which I can't find online for the life of me), I'm also wondering if the BB is reverse-threaded as with many other Italian bikes. The BB width is 68mm rather than 70mm, so I'm hoping it's not reverse-threaded and could just take a new British/ISO case it ends up being easier to get a new BB (and cranks) than to find cranks compatible with the existing Ofmega Axis spindle.

    First time poster here - thanks for any help you can provide. I've read a lot of other folks here building off a Trofeo frame, so I'm hopeful that the bicycle will turn out to be more standards-compliant than I thought at first.

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    Late 90s Bianchi will be ISO threaded.

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