Will the shimano road disc brake calipers, BR-505, work with XTR centerlock rotors?

I just went downstairs to install my new wheelset which uses centerlock rotors onto my commuter, which uses BB7 road calipers. I had XTR centerlock rotors on the wheels, and it's a no-go with the BB7s!

The large aluminum center section of the XTR rotors extends so far towards the edge of the rotor that it hits the tabs on the BB7 pads. I haven't trimmed the tab with the dremel yet, but even when I do it looks like I may still have interference with the caliper body. It'll be close.

I'd like to confirm whether or not the BR505 caliper will work with an XTR centerlock rotor or not. Anyone out there running this combo?

If not I'll need to swap rotors to some other centerlock version, or get a c.lock-to-6-bolt adapter and use the BB7 rotors.


Someone else's photo, showing the thickness of the XTR center section: