HI .
i have a Merckx Corsa extra from 1989 .i have a complete Campagnolo C-record group on the bike but NOT the bottom bracket . at the moment i have a Campagnolo Triomphe Bottom bracket which came off of my Bianchi from 1986.
its a bit too wide for the 8 speed and doesnt have a good chain line at ALL . and wont shift into the lowest cog ( biggest cog ) on the cassette .
also the spacing on the drive side ( axel width ) visible is about 1cm . and im positive that this is the culprit to the bad chain line and not moving the chain into the lowest ( largest) cog on the cassette .
im at work and dont have the "BB" size that is on there now . but im almost positive that its a 111mm .

so i guess the question is , i want to put a campagnolo c -record BB on there , what sizes did they make available for this era of C-Record <??