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Thread: Chain Skipping

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    Chain Skipping

    I have an 80's Trek road bike. I was trying for a second set of wheels and bought a nice set of mavics that come with no cassette. My old wheels are pre cassette and being cheap I bought a mountain bike cassette which fit nicely. I used these wheels for the first time this weekend and whenever I put any pressure on the cranks I had chain skipping issues. I am thinking I need a new chain since it is probably very old and the cassette is pretty new. Am I correct?? Just riding around the neighborhood I have no issues.


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    Anytime you change a cassette/freewheel, you should change the chain (new) to avoid the very issue you are describing. Chains rather merge with the cassette/freewheel you use and take on the shape of the freewheel by being, in essence, filed by it. Your old chain has been 'filed.' So get a new chain! LOL.

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