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    Ernesto Lube or EL Duke Degreaser.....

    Has anyone tried either of these?

    If so .... is Ernesto's a self cleaning like Pro-Link or how does one clean the
    chain? ... or does not attract dirt?

    I've tried 3 emails to Ernesto Lube over the last 2
    replies. I don't know if he's still in business or what.

    How about the El Duke degreaser..... anyone tried it? I wonder if it isn't similar to bio-diesel.
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    If this is for your chain, the simple rule is never lube a dirty chain on the bike. Remove it, clean it and put it back on and lube it. I use a mix of 4 parts unscented mineral spirits to 1 part chain saw bar oil. Every 500 to 750 miles repeat.

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