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    Replacement shifter to fit brake lever?

    I'm looking to replace my gear shifter which is currently mounted on the brake lever. I'm currently using an old Altus A20 system, will I be able to find any shifters that fit my brake lever. The only brake/shifter combo's I can find are for V brakes and I use cantilever. Is there any other compatibility issues with gears shifter for example could I switch to grip shift without changing my dérailleur?

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    Since you live in the UK I'm not so sure.

    In the US I'm pretty sure that replacement shift and brake levers are still available for 7-speed EZ fire and canty brakes. An LBS can get them.

    In a pinch you can use the V-brake levers. They'll function fine but you'll have to squeeze the lever a little harder. Assuming you have normal hand strength it's not a big deal.

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