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    Popping noise, need ideas!

    I am the proud owner of a 2008 Fuji Team Carbon. Recently I have noticed intermittent popping noises while I'm riding that are most prevalent when I am putting the most torque on my bike (e.g. up a steep hill). I have consistently been able to recreate the noise by pressing hard on the right pedal, but I can never get the bike to make the noise when I press on the left pedal.

    I have already taken the bike in to the shop two times, the first to have the bottom bracket checked out (was apparently in perfect condition). The second time the mechanic greased the seat tube and inspected for cracks. No cracks were found and the sound makes the sound even when my bottle cages and seat post are removed. Also can get the bike to make the sound by just applying horizontal force to the crank (rules out pedals). Also makes sound with both of the wheels swapped out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    You many find the following links helpful in tracking it down:


    It's usually just a matter of patiently removing, cleaning,
    re-lubing, and re-torquing fasteners until it quiets down.

    Don't forget stupid things, either, like under-seat tool bags banging against seatposts....

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