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Thread: Steering Creak

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    Steering Creak

    I have a Trek 1 series and have started to get a creaking type noise when riding. It is definately linked to the steering as I don't get it when i'm going dead straight but as soon as go over bumps etc and the steering is twitching slightly it makes a noise.

    Is this the bearings needing greasing and if so how difficult? - I'm a novice mechanic!!!

    Thanks for any tips

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    Before you disassemble your headset and grease it, tighten it! Make sure it's snug enough before you take it apart. If you've never disassembled a headset, it's easy to get things back in wrong.
    Aaaaawwwww look at all of those cute gears and shifters and cables and derailleurs! Isn't that special! Overall it's a sweet bike! I do have one question though...........................Do they make them for men?

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