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    Scooby Snax

    Specialized Epic Bearing Servicing?

    Last year I did an adventure race, which involved a lot of wet riding.

    The lower bearings on my '04 S-works Epic spent a lot of time getting wet, and repacked them.
    however, the upper's need service as well, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pivot bolt out that attaches the Horst Link and upper shock eye to the seat tube apart.

    There is supposed to be a circlip, but It's not visible to me, and I'm nervious about pressing the pin out with a C clamp, as the Horst link is carbon.

    I've been able to get the bolt out enough to repack the bearing on the Horst Link, but would like to clean out the spherical bearing and grease things there as well.

    Should the pin and spherical bearing come easily out of the upper shock eye?

    If the circlip is holding things together, any advice or trick for removing this?


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    Scooby Snax

    I've cleaned things up, there does not appear to be a circlip between the head of the Pivot Bolt and the spherical bearing on the upper shock eye.

    Before I give up, could anyone advise if this will just press out?



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    Hello Scoob

    I just did a search on how to remove the rear shock link bolt on my 2004 Epic. I found your post from last year.
    I am also in Toronto, I was wondering if you ever got the bolt out and how did you do it? I too looked at the manual and do not see any circlips to be removed as shown in the manual.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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