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    GT Avalanche 3.0 rebuild with 9 speed?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm quite new to all this bike rebuilding business, I've just recently got into understanding how bikes run and function (and still very much learning) and a few months back i decided to completely rebuild one of my GT avalanches of mine (, i baught my self a haynes book and have been going through it while rebuilding the bike, however ive came to a halt, the whole bike is complete (at last hoorarrr!) but the gearing however is not so, the specs for the drivetrain are as follows :-

    Shimano deore 9 spd cassette 11-32 T
    HG53 Shimano chain
    Shimano SLX shadow long cage Rear mech
    Truvativ Firex GXP 3.0 Crank

    I've resized the chain so it runs at 90 degrees to mech, i've been adjusting between the H and L screw (not the B screw) plus the cable tensioner which sits at the handle bars and following instructions off the haynes manual, but i dont seem to be getting no where, the actual shifting is ok and the gear cable is super tight but that mech just doesnt seem want to move out of the realms of gear 2 to 8, i have noticed however when looking from the back of the bike, there is no pyshical way the mech cage can move any further out (towards gear 9) it makes me wonder if perhaps the frame is at fault? but not sure. I've spent most of the several days fiddling around with it and cant seem to get no where, am i having a blonde moment here chaps? or perhaps do i need to do something with that b screw?

    Thank you for taking a moment to hear me out, any feedback would be much appreciated, id be happy to provide photos.


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    Sounds like limit screws or too much cable tension (or both).

    Make the cable completely slack, and then see what gear the derailleur shifts to. If its not all the way onto the smallest cog, loosen the H screw until it goes.

    Once thats done, turn the pedals slowly with your hand, and push the derailleur towards the large cogs. You should be able to push it far enough to shift onto the largest cog. If it won't go, loosen the L screw until it does. Be careful not to loosen TOO much so that it can shift past the last gear.

    Once that is done, turn the pedals again to allow the derailleur to shift onto the smallest cog, and reattach the cable. Then you can fine tune the tension.

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