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    Shimano MTB pedals GG? GL? unequal tension?

    Ive got the Shimano pedals that have SPD on 1 side and serated normal grip on the other.

    The left pedal is harder to clip out than the right (SPD)
    on closer inspection the little plate on left has GG, the right GL (perhaps G1)
    both pedals have GG stamped in them (the aluminum body)

    the little plates seem exactly the same
    is there a difference?
    any solutions to the differing "clipping out" tension
    i have wound the adjusters to minimun on both side equally
    cheers, max
    getting cold here now.
    Would love to explore where you live.

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    The plates probably have some very minor differences hence the markings. Regardless, if one pedal is more difficult to clip into and both are set to the minimum tension, check your shoes to make sure the rubber sole isn't interfering with the pedal. If it is, you can either center the cleat more or if that's not possible, use a knife to trim away any excess rubber. Also try lightly oiling the springs and see if that helps.

    If you can live with the higher tensioned pedal, then the other option is adjusting the easier one to match. It could just be a manufacturing tolerance issue stemming from the torsion spring.

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