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    Headset, powdercoating, and rust bath

    I have an original, early 80's Univega Competizione (fork and frame) that needs to have the headset replaced. Pitting and grinding are from the originally installed headset. Since I'm quite new to all this, I really enjoyed partially dissembling the headset to find the races in a condition (pitted, irregular grooves) that called for a replacement. I look forward to repacking the (still good) bottom bracket into a tough-as-nails, newly-powdercoated frame.

    My plan is as follows: today I'll have the only LBS in the area with the appropriate tools remove the head/crown races, rather than pay to have it chisled out, or do the tapping myself.

    Following that, I'm going to bathe the inside tubing of the fork and frame in oxalic acid, and neutralize with baking soda solution. While it sets I'll schedule and appointment for the color.

    Then to the Powdercoater. There will be no hardware on the bike whatsoever. Is there anything I need to know other than making sure the threads are taped off? Should I concern myself with preventing any powdercoat from covering the fork crown and head tube areas where the races will be affixed?

    Next, I'd like to (have the LBS) replace the 20+ year old headset (do Tange Falcon HS commonly last this long?) with a 2Nut Chris King. Yes, it is %89.6 overkill, but it's time to replace the headset anyway and I don't want to have to worry about it. I don't want to install any of the CK HS races BEFORE the powdercoating because I'm concerned with what the heat will do to them and I know that area will (PROBABLY ???) need to be taped off anyway. As I understand it, the CK 2Nut should work on my JIS 1" headtube, plus allow for some spacing. Does anybody have any experience with this or wish to provide confirmation?

    Recommendations? Contingencies? (Prudent) Warnings???
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