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Thread: Tire punture

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    Tire punture

    all my post are about tire problems lately, the redneck morons are tossing beer bottles in the road again, and it seems glass and tires don't mix. not to mention driving and drinking..
    My most recent flat today was on my rear tire, my gatorskins couldn't stand up to a small triangle of glass proably wedge in a crack in the road and I manged to run over it dead center in the tire.
    I felt a good wobble starting and I stopped the bike and sure enough it was nearly flat.
    Upon removing the wheel and taking the tire off the rim,I found a perfect triangle piece of glass that had the small side up and the wide side down when i Hit it, it worked thru the kevlar belts and punched small hole in the tube. I removed the glass with a car key it was really trapped in the kevlar..
    Now here's my questioin do you ever try to seal the tire to prevent sand, gravel, and road debri from entering that hole after you remove the glass, is it a problem..
    I took a small round patch put a little glue on the inner part of the tire and then applied the patch let it dry completly, re-installed and new tube and applied the air to 110.
    I also took a small amount of shoe goo and pushed it into the hole from the outside to help seal it up before appling the patch.
    Probably not neccesary but it seemed at the time a good idea..

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    Yup. Not so much to keep stuff out but to keep the gap from getting any bigger.
    Shoe Goo was practically made for this application.
    Used to use Super Glue back in the old days of expensive sew-ups.

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