I'm installing a headset on my 71 Motobecane Le Champion frame. I have an old Zeus headset that I apparently purchased for this purpose (this was over 30 years ago). The head tube races fit the head tube just fine, and the race and cap nut that screw onto the steerer tube fit the threads fine. I have a bag of 3/16" ball bearings that says 2-22. I'm missing the head set washer with the flat on one side, but I think I can find one of those. The only problem is the crown race on this head set is 26.28mm and the crown seat on the forks is 26.9mm. My local bike mechanic says he can cut down the crown race with a Park CRC1 crown race cutter. It looks like this will bring down the seat OD to 26.4mm, which will give 0.12mm interference fit. Sounds good to me. Am I on the right track, or should I try to find a different head set???