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    Cold-Setting For Old Steel-Forks?

    I need to spread the forks a few millimeters on the steel-fork of a 1970's Austrian 3-spd. bicycle. I managed to get the wheel in - after a Herculean struggle - so it's softened-up a bit. But what I need to know is if there are any specialized tools available to cold-set this beast. And, no doubt, a parade's worth that will follow.
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    I just cold set the rear triangle of a 1973 Schwinn Super Sport from 120mm to 130mm last week using Sheldon Brown's technique. It was the first time I'd cold set a frame, and following Sheldon's instructions it went off without a hitch.

    I used the string from dropout-to-head tube-to-dropout method Sheldon describes to make sure the dropouts are the same distance from the frame longitudinal centerline, and a the Park FFG-2 dropout alignment tool to ensure the dropouts were parallel.

    The frame and fork are at the powdercoater now.

    - Stan

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