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    How many clipless systems are currently available?

    Is there anyplace that has a list of all current clipless pedal systems? I was just trying to wrap my head around how many are currently available. Its also crazy how there are so many different systems even within one companies product line (it looks like none of speedplay's systems are compatible with each other?).

    Current Clipless Pedal Systems

    Look Keo
    Shimano SPD-SL
    Speedplay Frog
    Speedplay X Series / light action / zero
    Crank Brothers
    Time ATAC
    Time RXS / Zen
    Shimano SPD
    Campagnolo Pro-Fit

    I'll add to the list (or make changes) as posts are made. maybe add pictures if it gets crazy enough.

    edit:maybe better in general forum?
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    Speedplay's Frogs are conceptually a very different design from the various related X-types.

    Certainly if you separate the Shimano SPD-SL series from the SPD MTB-types, you should list the two Speedplay types as separate, unrelated designs.

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