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    SRAM Shifter Noises

    I've been riding SRAM Red for half a year now with absolutely no trouble, but then just a couple of days ago, the right shifter started making this clicking noise whenever I applied any vertical force to it. It now makes a series of creaking noises whenever I pull/push on the hoods (not the levers). It's especially annoying when I'm climbing out of the saddle and the noise comes with every pedal stroke. I'm sure that the shifter is tightened around the bars, and there is no shifter-shifting movement that I can sense when I push/pull. It's bugging the hell out of me. Has anyone else had/seen this problem? Know how to fix it?

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    Noises like that can be very deceptive as to their source.
    Don't exclude other possible causes (like bar-stem interface) as you investigate.

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