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    Gordon P

    Shimano LX Jockey Wheels

    Iím trying to find replacement jockey wheels for a 1990 Shimano LX derailer and all the ones Iíve found so far are much thinner. Will these work or should I keep looking? Iím running 7 speed by the way.
    Gordon p

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    Gordon P

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    Gordon, I have several road bikes with 7 speed cassettes and early-mid 90s Shimano LX rear derailleurs. Velo Orange web site sells their store brand jockey wheels. They have two flavors, both of which will work just fine. The low end pair cost $4 and the high end pair (with sealed bearings) costs $12. Velo Orange house brand stuff is good, I have tried many of their house brand items and have not been disappointed. Good Luck.

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